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Athletes with Disabilities Network Northeast provide mentors and physical and mental health activities for disabled community members, to a community. It assists them with the obstacles they face as they transition physically and mentally. 

ADN-NEC provides adaptive sports for intellectual and physically-disabled community members, veterans, first responders and youth ages 3 and up.  Our events create opportunities for interactions in social settings with other disabled members, their families and other mentors. For those newly injured it allows this person to see a better quality of life and their own possibilities. It expands preconceived notions of disability and focuses on the abilities of what a person can achieve.

Donations assist us with providing our mentoring and outreach program in addition to purchasing adaptive sports equipment, trailers and providing these sports to the region.  

The programs we have implemented assist in both the physical and mental health of the participant and their families by creating opportunities to have interactions in social settings with other disabled community members, families and mentors, which allow the newly injured person to see there is hope and positive progression after facing the loss of a limb, sight spinal cord injury and other injuries.

Thank you for your support!! donations here help us staff and cover costs  for day to day operations.  


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